Lenn Keller
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Rebecca Silverstein
Asst. Project Director and
Oral History Project Coordinator
Sharon De La Peña Davenport
Advising Archivist

Rebecca is a native New Yorker and settled in San Francisco in 1976. She came out as a lesbian feminist while helping to organize the S.F. Conference on Violence Against Women. She is a co-founder of Mothertongue Readers Theater, a feminist collective in the Bay Area, and she worked at the MoonRise Café, a lesbian collective and women’s space in Sonoma County, California. Rebecca is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and was Board President of Gaylesta, an LGBTQ psychotherapy association in the Bay Area. 


Rebecca is also a poet, essayist and photographer, who believes in the power of cultural work and personal storytelling to help bring about individual and societal transformation.

Sharon is a radical lesbian feminist. Her life work as an archivist and poet is instructed and inflected by being a lesbian. An independent, professional archivist, Sharon’s contributions include the papers of the Third World Women’s Alliance, the Alliance Against the Oppression of Women, and the papers of Aileen Hernandez (with Lenn Keller), accessed at Smith College, Northampton, MA. She has also been a research assistant and copy editor for books and exhibitions by Tirza True Latimer, Renate Stendhal, Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, and Arlene Goldfarb.


Sharon was a co-founder of the lesbian owned Brick Hut Café (1975 – 1997) in Berkeley, CA. She is the mother of Bart Davenport, a musician living in Los Angeles, CA. Sharon has published two books of poetry, Mountain Singing and Between Us. She has presented casual exhibitions of her watercolors at cafes and cafeterias. She earned a BA from Smith College and an MA from San Jose State University.


Lenn is a community archivist, historian, curator, DJ, filmmaker, photographer, public speaker, writer, and mother. She is a graduate of Mills College, and is an independent scholar in multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural and historical research. Lenn hails from Chicago, and has lived in the SF Bay Area for over 40 years. She has documented, archived, and exhibited Bay Area activist and marginalized communities, with an emphasis on lesbians of color and LGBTQ communities.


Her photography and film work can be viewed at lennkeller.com


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