The day-to-day work of the archives is done entirely by volunteers: our board of directors, archivist, inventory assistants, oral history interviewers, researchers, copy writers, newsletter and office administrators, bookkeepers, most of our tech support, event coordinators and grant writers. We are deeply grateful for the many, many hours our volunteers dedicate to BALA that allow us to not only survive but thrive.


As a community archive, we have a small budget and don’t take on expenses we don’t have the means to pay for. We are currently saving for the rental or purchase of a brick and mortar building for the archives. We want a space that would be big enough to:

  • ​store in one place our large collection of flyers and posters, videos, LPs, CDs, DVDs, books, journals, photos, t-shirts, artwork and organizational papers

  • process and inventory our donated materials

  • allow our collections and oral history interviews to be viewed by the public

  • host gallery exhibits and events

Please consider donating to help us manifest our dream of opening this community space in the near future.

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